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Meet The 2013 Festival 56 Cast Members

Summer Season Cast Members

Caleb Donahoe
Caleb - Completely Hollywood...Abridged
Jim/Tom - "Hometown" Anonymous
Gad/Baker -Joseph...Dreamcoat
Squire Trelawney - Treasure Isand
Malcolm - The Full Monty

John Xavier Miller
Ross - MacBeth
Dan - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Billy Bones/Rathbone/Jack - Treasure Island
Horse - The Full Monty

Caitlin McBride
Lady MacDuff - MacBeth
Wife - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Mrs. Montgomery - The Heiress
Vicki - The Full Monty

Sarah Smith
1st Witch - MacBeth
Narrator - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Lavinia Penniman - The Heiress
Jeanette - The Full Monty

Tom Rusterholz
Donnelbain/ 2nd Murderer - MacBeth
Simeon - Joseph...Dreamcoat
George Merry/2nd Son - Treasure Island
Jerry Lukowski- The Full Monty

Jennifer Brunker
3rd Wiitch/3rd Murderer - MacBeth
Wife - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Marian Almond- The Heiress
Estelle Genovese- The Full Monty

Bob Colonna
King Duncan/Old Siward - MacBeth
Dr. Sloper - The Heiress

Kurt Bilanoski
Banquo/Young Siward - MacBeth
Issachar - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Black Dog/ O'Brien - Treasure Island
Gary/Police Sargent - The Full Monty

Nathan Barlow
Mentieth/Porter - MacBeth
Zebulan/Butler - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Ezekiel Hazard - Treasure Island
2nd Stripper/Minister - The Full Monty

Jessica Wanamaker
Jessie/Others - "Hometown" Anonymous
Sally Tally - Tally's Folley
Elizabeth Almond - The Heiress
Pam in The Full Monty

Kelsie Brejcha
Bartender/others - "Hometown" Anonymous
Wife - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Jim Hawkins - Treasure Island
Ensemble/crew - The Full Monty

Jordan Snead
Seyton/Sargent/1st Murderer - MacBeth
Napthali - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Capt Smollet/Others - Treasure Island
Keno - The Full Monty

Patrick Poole
Patrick - Completely Hollywood...Abriged
Javier/Others - "Hometown" Anonymous
Asher - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Isreal Hands/Others - Treasure Island
Teddy Slaughter - The Full Monty

Kody Jones
Kody - Completely Hollywood...Abriged
Samuel/Father Paul - "Hometown" Anonymous
Jacob/Potiphar/u.s.Pharoah - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Ben Gunn/Blind Pew - Treasure Island
Reg Willoughby - The Full Monty

Jeffrey Mindock
MacBeth - MacBeth
Reuben - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Long John Silver - Treasure Island
Dave - The Full Monty

Emily Christine Smith
Scot Doctor - MacBeth
Wife/U.S. Narrator - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Jim's Mother/Anne Bonney/Widow Drews - Treasure Island
Georgie - The Full Monty

Denzel Tsopnang
Angus - MacBeth
Judah - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Dr Livesy - Treasure Island
Marty - The Full Monty

Meghan Kreidler
Lady MacBeth - MacBeth
Wife - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Justice Death - Treasure Island
Jonie Lish/Betty - The Full Monty

Devon Norris
Malcolm - MacBeth
Joseph - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Morris Townsend - The Heiress
Ethan Girard - The Full Monty

Kyle Chesney
MacDuff - MacBeth
Matt Friedman - Tally's Folley
Arthur Townsend - The Heiress
Harold - The Full Monty

Chelsie Newhard
2nd Witch/Gentlewoman - MacBeth
Wife - Joseph...Dreamcoat
Catherine Sloper - The Heiress
Susan/Molly - The Full Monty

Fall Season Cast Members

Kim McClay
Bobbi - Last of the Red Hot Lovers
Judy - Still Dreaming of a White Christmas
Sparkle - The Naughty List

Tayloir Pace
Elaine - Last of the Red Hot Lovers
Catalyn/Asst Choreographer - Still Dreaming of a White Christmas
Titterbell/Choreogrpaher - The Naughty List

Candice Dickinson
Jeanette - Last of the Red Hot Lovers
Betty - Still Dreaming of a White Christmas
'Setta' - The Naughty List

Matt C. Scott
Barney - The Last of the Red Hot Lovers
Bob - Still Dreaming of a White Christmas

Brendan Macera
Phil - Still Dreaming of a White Christmas
Wobbles - The Naughty List

Thomas Preece
Steve Jobs - The Agony....Steve Jobs

Local Cast Members

Deanne Crook
Wife - Joseph...Dreamcoat

Abigail Weiser
Maria - The Heiress

Dave Roden
Lennox - MacBeth
Tony - The Full Monty

Frank Monier
Benjamin - Joseph...Dreamcoat

Bradley Davis
Fleance - MacBeth

Tony Escatel
Nathan Lukowski - The Full Monty

Justus Bystry
MacDuff's Son - MacBeth

Sabrina Smith
Wife - Joseph...Dreamcoat

Eric Johnson
Levi - Joseph...Dreamcoat

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